Friday, 6 June 2014

Requirements for Job Ready Program According to TRA

Just like any applications of travel visa to Australia, you need to provide the complete requirements being asked for your Job Ready Program. You know you need this program and so, you must comply to what they are looking for. If you fail to do that, expect that there will be big troubles on your campaign to become a permanent Australian resident, under the General Skilled Migration. To keep you prepared, this Job Ready Program is not all about skills and documents, there is also money involved in here. TRA is the agency that announced the requirements and steps for the Job Ready Test. Each steps asks for different requirements, something you should be focused about to avoid hassles.

First step is the Provisional Skills Assessment. What you will have to provide on this process are valid visa class, an AQF qualification in an occupation assessed by TRA, relevant work experience performed in Australia that demonstrates a range of tasks and duties of the occupation you are qualified in and an IELTS score of 6 greater in each of the reading, writing, listening and speaking sub-tests of the one General Training Test. Applicant who have valid passports do not have to undergo the IELTS test if they came from the following countries:
* United Kingdom
* Canada
* New Zealand
* United States of America
* Republic of Ireland

The first process may ask for A$300 for the TRA assessment fee.

The second step is the Completion of the Job Ready Employment. On this process, there is a time limit involved. You've got 18 months to complete the 12 months of full time employment relevant to your skills. Employers are also requested to register with TRA and enter into an employment contract with the subclass 485 visa holder in which the employer is expected to pay the appropriate reward wages. During the employment the employed person will be required to demonstrate his or her proficiency in the workplace across a broad range of trade related tasks relevant to the workplace. Once the employee has registered the employment with TRA s/he will be able to download a Workplace Log from the TRA website; the Workplace Log will be used by employee and employer to validate the employee's skills; the employer will indicate the employee's proficiency against a list of tasks recorded in the Workplace Log. Probable cost of this process is up to A$2,000.

Third set of requirements is on the Job Ready Workplace Assessment. After working continuously on his chosen field for at least 6 months, he/she can now register for a Workplace Assessment, with the supervision of a TRA approved assessor. This may cost A$2,000.

The last step is the Job Ready Final Assessment. This includes validation of successful completion of all components of the Job Ready Employment, validating employment contracts and employer verification, validation of successful Workplace Assessment, and interviews with employers and applicants to validate job related skills as recorded in workplace log. This may cost A$300.

After all of these, the result will be send to the applicant via letter or email.

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