Friday, 6 June 2014

Australia Ready For More Migrant Workers

 With the start of 2011, more and more Australian visa applicants are expected to flock into the country. Indeed, immigration numbers are expected to rise significantly this year. And the Australian government is now looking for ways to make the most out of this increase in migration into the country.

One of the areas where increased migration will likely be a big help in is the reconstruction effort in Queensland. It can be remembered that the northern state has been severely damaged by floods that hit the region in December of last year. Economic experts estimate that the damage would be well within AU$ 10 billion. They have also said that the recovery effort will likely take a year or so to be completed.

With that, many business groups have said that Australia will need more workers in order to help in the reconstruction efforts. In response, the government, through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, have announced that they will be revamping the 457 (temporary worker) visa to accommodate the request. Now, applicants will only need to wait for five days for their visas to be processed. The department says that the move is expected to attract more workers into the region.

But it is not only Queensland who will be blessed with the increased in temporary workers. As it is, other states are also in need of additional workers to meet their demands. This is mainly due to the signi9ficant economic growth that the whole country is generally experiencing since last year.

In particular, the Australian Capital Territory, with its growing information technology sector, is constantly on the lookout for migrant workers. On the other hand, both South and Western Australia is also looking for more workers to fill in their needs. In the case of Western Australia, it is for its expanding mining industry, while South Australia is wishing to fill in its heavy services industry demand. All of these three state are significant participants in the 457 program.

And while many businesses are still looking forward to getting workers from the western side of the world, many businesses are now also turning to the emerging Asian market for their labor needs. Both China and India have shown to have great potential in serving as an alternative pool for workers in the land down under. Other countries have also been well represented on this one.

And the Australian government is now in an effort to make the most out of this worker boom. The immigration department, in particular is now seeking ways to hasten entry for qualified workers.

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