Friday, 6 June 2014

Job Ready Program for Australia's Permanent Residence

There are new changes or should we say, “development” in immigration to Australia, skilled migration to be specific. Several months ago, Australia's Department of Immigration announced that there will be a “Job Ready Program” for onshore trade skills migrants. This change took effect last January 1, 2010. All applicants that applying for skills assessment for permanent residency within Australia are mandated to undergo the Job Ready Program to meet the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship requirements to be granted with a permanent residence visa. This new skills assessment program was founded by the Trade Recognition Australia in cooperation with DIAC.

Job Ready Program, also Job Ready Test, is being developed by the government, of course, with consultation with different industry and unions. This is especially for applicants who have nominated a trade occupation and those who are applying for an onshore General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa. The purpose of this is to make the application and stay of skilled immigrants more convenient. This aims to provide “job ready” applicants to Australian employers. Through this, it will be faster for them to find an employment that fits their skill, which can lead to the improved settlement outcomes for them. Also, the TRA recognize the difficulty experienced by applicants in finding 900 hours relevant work during the period of student visa, as a requirement for their stay. And so, they created the Job Ready Test. This new program will give participants more time to gain valuable experience in an Australian workplace. It is designed to give them time to develop and demonstrate your trade skills and to gain valuable workplace experience, which can give you better chance of finding work in your trade if you become successful in application for permanent migration.

The Job Ready Program only has four easy step process. First, apply for a Provisional Skills Assessment. This will enable you to apply for a 485 skilled graduate temporary visa. The requirements for provisional skills assessment are just similar to the previous TRA skills assessment process. Next, you will have to complete the Job Ready Employment. You've got 18 months to required 12 months of full time employment. It is necessary because it will make you gain more skills and experience. You will will also gain good training about the workplace culture and language. Thirdly, complete the Job Ready Workplace Assessment. In this step, you will need to demonstrate your trade skills in the workplace to a TRA approved assessor. And lastly, you will apply for a Job Ready Final Assessment. The evidences being collated after the first three steps are needed to be provided to the immigration department. They can be used as the skills assessment as required in the application for permanent migration.

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