Friday, 6 June 2014

In Demand Jobs in Australia for 2010

2010 welcomed people dreaming of immigration to Australia with a lot of changes. This may have big effect on the process and application of visas, but none of these changes affected the amount of jobs that are being offered to many skilled people overseas. The kick off to the new decade is the same as the previous years. Only that, there are new jobs being requested to fulfill other areas that experiencing shortage. As we all know, shortage of skilled workers can happen to any industries. But whatever happens, it is skilled workers that will benefit from it. All that is left for them to do is start their immigration to Australia by searching for the most accurate jobs for them based on their skills, experience and qualifications. But you don't have to search anywhere else, because in this article, you will get to know the most in demand jobs in Australia for 2010.

Australian labor agencies have conducted a survey among direct employers and HR professionals from different industry categories. This survey will serves as the guideline for many job seekers for them to know which field should they pursue or what area they can have greater chances of getting hired.

According to the survey, top 20 vacancies needed by employers are IT specialists, nurses, call center agents, mechanical engineers, computer encoders, medical representatives, baggers, warehousemen, and domestic helper. This need is just for the first quarter alone. Expect that there will be more of it on the coming months. Other job openings are sales ladies, occupational therapists, tile settler, fork lift operators, carpenters and painters, diesel engine mechanics, account executives and civil engineers. Hospitality, tourism and travel will also remain accountable for many.

Although they don't produce same amount of opportunities, you can also find a career in areas like education, automotive, manufacturing, insurance and superannuation and retail and fashion.

The most likeable and profitable cities to conduct your skilled immigration to Australia are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Perth.

If you already have a prospect job found last year, you should stick to it before anything worse happen. But if you have a sure opportunity on your dream job, then go for it. What you should concentrate at is the process of immigration to Australia. The changes are especially made to pit restrictions on their skilled migration program. No one is gonna get pass the immigration department with just his determination. More importantly, you should have the required points.

Now that you've got a hint of what kind of job you can apply for, maybe you can start running after it now. Search for companies that has job vacancies and ensure a position in them, even if you're not actually there, you can make it happen. And also, if it is about your immigration to Australia, you can consult a professional migration agent to get free of hassles and troubles during your application.

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