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Work After Studying Certification Training in United States - Get Python Training

If you are considering a Python training classes, the choices can easily seem bewildering and overwhelming. There are actually sites on the internet that claim they could teach you Python within just half an hr! That's nonsense, needless to say. But you'd be surprised how many people fall for that sort of advertising and marketing tactic. (Don't be one.)

On one other hand, there will also be three day boot camps which cost one thousand dollars and up (plus countless dollars in airplane fare, hotel and also dining costs).These are legitimate, and most of them offer excellent education, but for a lot of people they're not really your best option. These boot get away style events are best in the event you a) already have a large amount of experience in encoding other computer dialects and b) need to learn Python in a hurry for a work assignment.

In reality, it's likely that a lot of people attending these boot camps aren't paying their particular tuition - their particular employers are paying for them to attend. In today's workplace, Python training is and increasingly important a part of a programmer's education. As a dynamic language whose style philosophy revolves about readability and conciseness, Python is really a popular choice for use as a scripting language. Just like other interpretative languages, it is a lot more flexible than gathered languages, and it may be used to tie disparate systems together.

Indeed, Python is a versatile language with many applications in growing fields. For instance, Python is a popular programming language regarding educational software. Raspberry Pi, the single-board personal computer project for teaching students education, uses Python since its primary development language.

In addition, much of the program for the one particular Laptop per Youngster XO is written in Python. At the other end of the educational spectrum, Python is also a very effective language for medical computing and statistical software for theoretical math. As educational software development keeps growing, Python will become an increasingly more important language to understand.

In addition to be able to educational software, Python can be a favored language for use in AI tasks. Because Python is a scripting language with rich text digesting tools, module architecture, and syntax simplexes, it is an organic choice for programs involving natural terminology processing. Programs like Wolfram Alpha and Siri are simply beginning to permeate the end-user market and several such programs yet in the future will be composed in Python.

Monday, 9 June 2014

H1B Visa May be the Perfect Visa

Desire to live and work in the United States legally? The H1B Visa may be the perfect visa for you. The H1B visa protects many fields of work which range from architecture and engineering to health and medicine. This visa makes it possible for a foreign national to become sponsored by the US Company for just a period of half a dozen years and entitles your better half (husband/wife) and kids to accompany a person and live in United States of America. Spouses and single children under age 21 may receive visas also. Individuals cannot sign up for an H1B visa. One of the primary benefits of your H1B visa is it is a 'dual intent' visa -- you can make application for a Green Card (Legal Lasting Residency).

H1B visas are governed by annual numerical limitations, currently 65, 000 regarding Fiscal Year 2011. H1B visa holders can travel in and out of the United States, when it has been granted by a Use Consulate. Certain H1B holders could be eligible to extend their H1B status beyond the half a dozen year limit beneath AC21 guidelines. H1B holder can get or sell property in USA.

H1B Visa Eligibility

Persons who carry a four year degree or higher instructional degree, or the same in work practical knowledge. 12 years do the job experience, OR combining further education (e. gary the gadget guy. 2 year Diploma) furthermore six years do the job experience. A license to apply in the decided on occupation (if such a license is necessary to practice).

List of documents necessary for H1B Visa

Passport One Photo A letter through the Current Employer Offer letter from this company in United States Resume from the applicant Sample Organization projects documents and some documents describing what this company does Approval Observe (form I 797) from the original petition Work Verification letter a few months Bank Statements Diploma Certificates.

Once the appliance for H1B Visa may be submitted to USCIS (United Declares Citizenship and Immigration Service) are going to be reviewed for completeness. The attached documents are going to be checked along with the application. If all the requirements are attained, USCIS will send an approval notice on the US employer along with approval notice are going to be sent. Using your Approval Notice, the applicant may obtain the H1 visa through the US Consulate. When the application is dismissed off, the USCIS will probably notify in writing the true reason for rejection.
In case involving non approval from the H1B transfer, an original H1B visa is going to be lost. Hence before getting into a new job, it is always safer to complete the visa transport.

H1B Visa Shift

Current H1B Visa holders can transfer their visa and begin work for a new employer once H1B transport petition is submitted on the USCIS by the modern sponsor company. H1B exchanges are unlimited. Through the H1B transfer treatment, the following documents could be required:
Last a few months’ pay slips. H1B agreement documents. Passport copies. Copies of I-94 records. Copy of Cultural Security Card. Duplicate of existing valid visa Latest Continue. Copy of your Diploma/Degrees.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Avoiding Spouse Scams

Australia, spouse visa - If you are married, engaged to (fiance), or in a de facto (common law) relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident may be eligible for a Partner Visa.

In Australia, spouse visa applications have increased in number is the last few months. However, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship has cautioned those people wishing to enter the country through this visa. As it is, the spouse visa has also been targeted by many unscrupulous individuals to dupe a lot of people.

There are a wide variety of scams relating the spouse visa out there, and getting into any of these is certainly not going to be a good experience. Thus, you need to be well prepared for these. Here are some reminders to make sure that you don't fall for these scams easily.

One of the first things that you need to take note of is that, to be able to apply for a spouse visa, you and your partner are required to have met physically within six months prior to placing your application. Here, one of the most common scams would often involve the alleged potential spouse asking for money in order to meet you within that six month period. Many overeager folks would often easily fall for this one.

However, you need to keep in mind that, if your supposed potential spouse is indeed for real, then he or she will be the one making the effort to meet you. Take note that such scams usually happen online, where the anonymity that a person has can make it quite hard in determining if they are for real or not. Thus, you need to rather careful when entering online relationships.

On the other hand, in order to convince the Australian embassy to grant you a spouse or partner visa, you need to provide enough evidence that your relationship is for real. Here, documentary evidences, such marriage certificates, would come in quite handy for such purposes. However, you need to be sure that you are providing genuine papers and not fake ones (a common method used by scammers to make things go faster), as the consequences of that can be quite a bad experience.

However, even those couples who are genuinely getting a spouse visa for their intended purpose are still prone to fall prey to con artists. Here, the immigration agent con is still one of the most common. Many couple wishing to get their visas much faster can easily be lured by this con men. The best way that you can do here is to make sure that your agents are duly recognized by the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Australia Day: A Look Back At History

If you are planning an immigration to Australia, then you better be familiar with the country's holidays. And one such holiday that you ought to know more about is Australia Day. This will not only add more to your knowledge of Australia, but will also give you a better appreciation of the country as well.

Australia Day, celebrated every 26th of January, is basically the country's foundation day. It commemorates the arrival of of the British First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788 that also marked the start of European colonization of the Australian continent. The event is made even more memorable by the fact that the fleet almost never made it ashore, as several of the ships encountered difficulties before they were finally able to land.

During the first few years of the Australian colonies, the date was never officially recognized by the government as n anniversary. However, many of the new settlers, especially the convicts (who made majority of the Fleet's civilian passengers), held informal celebrations on this day, declaring their love for the land. Eventually, many prominent officials joined in on the celebrations during this day.

By the start of the 1800's the celebrations in the colonies had become so widespread that the newspapers have began referring to the 26th of January as Foundation day. Eventually, in 1818, then Governor Lachlan Macqurie finally declared the celebration of Foundation Day in the colonies to be an official holiday. The announcement was befitting, as that year coincides with the 30th anniversary of the colonies.

It is interesting to note that Foundation Day is initially considered more of a New South Wales celebration, as the other colonies actually have their own commemoration dates for their foundation. It was not until the centenary of the colonies that all of them agreed to a single Foundation Day. The holiday also took on several different names, starting from Foundation Day, to Anniversary Day, and even ANA Day. With the establishment of the Federation in the early years of the 1900's, the days has since been officially recognized as Australia Day.

However, while there are a lot of parties and celebrations on this day, not all groups are on a joyful mood on this one. In particular, some Australian Aboriginal communities often referred to this one as Invasion Day, the day that white settlers have driven them out of their lands. But the Australian government has been on an effort to use this day to mark reconciliation between the two parties. And with the increased Aboriginal participation in the celebrations in the last few years. This is definitely a good sign for the country.

Australia Ready For More Migrant Workers

 With the start of 2011, more and more Australian visa applicants are expected to flock into the country. Indeed, immigration numbers are expected to rise significantly this year. And the Australian government is now looking for ways to make the most out of this increase in migration into the country.

One of the areas where increased migration will likely be a big help in is the reconstruction effort in Queensland. It can be remembered that the northern state has been severely damaged by floods that hit the region in December of last year. Economic experts estimate that the damage would be well within AU$ 10 billion. They have also said that the recovery effort will likely take a year or so to be completed.

With that, many business groups have said that Australia will need more workers in order to help in the reconstruction efforts. In response, the government, through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, have announced that they will be revamping the 457 (temporary worker) visa to accommodate the request. Now, applicants will only need to wait for five days for their visas to be processed. The department says that the move is expected to attract more workers into the region.

But it is not only Queensland who will be blessed with the increased in temporary workers. As it is, other states are also in need of additional workers to meet their demands. This is mainly due to the signi9ficant economic growth that the whole country is generally experiencing since last year.

In particular, the Australian Capital Territory, with its growing information technology sector, is constantly on the lookout for migrant workers. On the other hand, both South and Western Australia is also looking for more workers to fill in their needs. In the case of Western Australia, it is for its expanding mining industry, while South Australia is wishing to fill in its heavy services industry demand. All of these three state are significant participants in the 457 program.

And while many businesses are still looking forward to getting workers from the western side of the world, many businesses are now also turning to the emerging Asian market for their labor needs. Both China and India have shown to have great potential in serving as an alternative pool for workers in the land down under. Other countries have also been well represented on this one.

And the Australian government is now in an effort to make the most out of this worker boom. The immigration department, in particular is now seeking ways to hasten entry for qualified workers.

Information about Nursing Jobs in Australia

Nursing is probably the most in demand job so far. Not just because it is a very decent job but also because it is one of the highest paying job in the world. Adding to that is the benefits that every employed person will get after they retired. Although IT is emerging as a new highly-needed job, it is still the health-related job that invites more immigrants in Australia. The Land of Oz is still on the middle of shortage of medical professionals. And the only way to address this is to absorb more of them from different countries. They are encouraging more skilled immigration to Australia to fill the positions that their residents cannot do.

And with so many students graduating as professional and licensed each year, the country would probably get a lot of responses. Only that for applicants, the screening won't be that easy. This is to ensure that the country will only get the most deserving professionals. During your application of travel visa to Australia, you might meet a lot. Some will make it hard because you don't know what you are getting. Better if you'll try to read more about immigrating to Australia as nurse. Because if you are really for it, you'll get it. If you keep on pushing, chances are you will get your dream job. Here are some information about nursing jobs in Australia.

First, you have to prove your years of service. This is one of the most important requirement in getting a nursing job abroad. Experience matters big. On each documents, make sure that your past and present employers are indicating your position, actual working period, day and time or if it is full-time or part-time. All of this should be presented on the hospital's letterhead. The more hours you worked for back then, the higher salary level you will land to.

All nursing jobs in Australia are given full-time. No one is allowed to work part-time. So when you think of working as a nurse in Australia, make sure that you have left other priorities.

Type of visas you should apply for are those that will allow you to work. Not a visitor visa, not a student visa. Working holiday Visa is for people aged 18 to 30.This gives you the privilege to work in Australia for up to one year. However, the immigration department is not allowing anyone to work for the entire 12 months. Sponsorship (Long Stay Temporary Business Visa Subclass 457) is when you are sponsored by an Australian hospital. This may take 4 months and cannot be commenced until you accepted the job. You can also apply for Permanent Residency that will take up to 18 months. This is after you have gained credibility to be granted with a permanent residence.

You'll get to know more about all working visa provisions by contacting your preferred Australian immigration services provider.

In Demand Jobs in Australia for 2010

2010 welcomed people dreaming of immigration to Australia with a lot of changes. This may have big effect on the process and application of visas, but none of these changes affected the amount of jobs that are being offered to many skilled people overseas. The kick off to the new decade is the same as the previous years. Only that, there are new jobs being requested to fulfill other areas that experiencing shortage. As we all know, shortage of skilled workers can happen to any industries. But whatever happens, it is skilled workers that will benefit from it. All that is left for them to do is start their immigration to Australia by searching for the most accurate jobs for them based on their skills, experience and qualifications. But you don't have to search anywhere else, because in this article, you will get to know the most in demand jobs in Australia for 2010.

Australian labor agencies have conducted a survey among direct employers and HR professionals from different industry categories. This survey will serves as the guideline for many job seekers for them to know which field should they pursue or what area they can have greater chances of getting hired.

According to the survey, top 20 vacancies needed by employers are IT specialists, nurses, call center agents, mechanical engineers, computer encoders, medical representatives, baggers, warehousemen, and domestic helper. This need is just for the first quarter alone. Expect that there will be more of it on the coming months. Other job openings are sales ladies, occupational therapists, tile settler, fork lift operators, carpenters and painters, diesel engine mechanics, account executives and civil engineers. Hospitality, tourism and travel will also remain accountable for many.

Although they don't produce same amount of opportunities, you can also find a career in areas like education, automotive, manufacturing, insurance and superannuation and retail and fashion.

The most likeable and profitable cities to conduct your skilled immigration to Australia are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Perth.

If you already have a prospect job found last year, you should stick to it before anything worse happen. But if you have a sure opportunity on your dream job, then go for it. What you should concentrate at is the process of immigration to Australia. The changes are especially made to pit restrictions on their skilled migration program. No one is gonna get pass the immigration department with just his determination. More importantly, you should have the required points.

Now that you've got a hint of what kind of job you can apply for, maybe you can start running after it now. Search for companies that has job vacancies and ensure a position in them, even if you're not actually there, you can make it happen. And also, if it is about your immigration to Australia, you can consult a professional migration agent to get free of hassles and troubles during your application.

Job Ready Program for Australia's Permanent Residence

There are new changes or should we say, “development” in immigration to Australia, skilled migration to be specific. Several months ago, Australia's Department of Immigration announced that there will be a “Job Ready Program” for onshore trade skills migrants. This change took effect last January 1, 2010. All applicants that applying for skills assessment for permanent residency within Australia are mandated to undergo the Job Ready Program to meet the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship requirements to be granted with a permanent residence visa. This new skills assessment program was founded by the Trade Recognition Australia in cooperation with DIAC.

Job Ready Program, also Job Ready Test, is being developed by the government, of course, with consultation with different industry and unions. This is especially for applicants who have nominated a trade occupation and those who are applying for an onshore General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa. The purpose of this is to make the application and stay of skilled immigrants more convenient. This aims to provide “job ready” applicants to Australian employers. Through this, it will be faster for them to find an employment that fits their skill, which can lead to the improved settlement outcomes for them. Also, the TRA recognize the difficulty experienced by applicants in finding 900 hours relevant work during the period of student visa, as a requirement for their stay. And so, they created the Job Ready Test. This new program will give participants more time to gain valuable experience in an Australian workplace. It is designed to give them time to develop and demonstrate your trade skills and to gain valuable workplace experience, which can give you better chance of finding work in your trade if you become successful in application for permanent migration.

The Job Ready Program only has four easy step process. First, apply for a Provisional Skills Assessment. This will enable you to apply for a 485 skilled graduate temporary visa. The requirements for provisional skills assessment are just similar to the previous TRA skills assessment process. Next, you will have to complete the Job Ready Employment. You've got 18 months to required 12 months of full time employment. It is necessary because it will make you gain more skills and experience. You will will also gain good training about the workplace culture and language. Thirdly, complete the Job Ready Workplace Assessment. In this step, you will need to demonstrate your trade skills in the workplace to a TRA approved assessor. And lastly, you will apply for a Job Ready Final Assessment. The evidences being collated after the first three steps are needed to be provided to the immigration department. They can be used as the skills assessment as required in the application for permanent migration.

Requirements for Job Ready Program According to TRA

Just like any applications of travel visa to Australia, you need to provide the complete requirements being asked for your Job Ready Program. You know you need this program and so, you must comply to what they are looking for. If you fail to do that, expect that there will be big troubles on your campaign to become a permanent Australian resident, under the General Skilled Migration. To keep you prepared, this Job Ready Program is not all about skills and documents, there is also money involved in here. TRA is the agency that announced the requirements and steps for the Job Ready Test. Each steps asks for different requirements, something you should be focused about to avoid hassles.

First step is the Provisional Skills Assessment. What you will have to provide on this process are valid visa class, an AQF qualification in an occupation assessed by TRA, relevant work experience performed in Australia that demonstrates a range of tasks and duties of the occupation you are qualified in and an IELTS score of 6 greater in each of the reading, writing, listening and speaking sub-tests of the one General Training Test. Applicant who have valid passports do not have to undergo the IELTS test if they came from the following countries:
* United Kingdom
* Canada
* New Zealand
* United States of America
* Republic of Ireland

The first process may ask for A$300 for the TRA assessment fee.

The second step is the Completion of the Job Ready Employment. On this process, there is a time limit involved. You've got 18 months to complete the 12 months of full time employment relevant to your skills. Employers are also requested to register with TRA and enter into an employment contract with the subclass 485 visa holder in which the employer is expected to pay the appropriate reward wages. During the employment the employed person will be required to demonstrate his or her proficiency in the workplace across a broad range of trade related tasks relevant to the workplace. Once the employee has registered the employment with TRA s/he will be able to download a Workplace Log from the TRA website; the Workplace Log will be used by employee and employer to validate the employee's skills; the employer will indicate the employee's proficiency against a list of tasks recorded in the Workplace Log. Probable cost of this process is up to A$2,000.

Third set of requirements is on the Job Ready Workplace Assessment. After working continuously on his chosen field for at least 6 months, he/she can now register for a Workplace Assessment, with the supervision of a TRA approved assessor. This may cost A$2,000.

The last step is the Job Ready Final Assessment. This includes validation of successful completion of all components of the Job Ready Employment, validating employment contracts and employer verification, validation of successful Workplace Assessment, and interviews with employers and applicants to validate job related skills as recorded in workplace log. This may cost A$300.

After all of these, the result will be send to the applicant via letter or email.